Zentai Zentai

Zentai Costume Anyone who watched the most popular movie Avatar would not feel strange on the term "zentai". I believe the admirable blue skin of the main characters in that movie has left us a deep impression. That's why many friends were discussing on how to have a nice blue skin just like the characters. After knowing that zentai suit has been widely known as the second skin of human body, possessing the exact feature as we wanted, people are trying to search for the costumes over internet and all of this has made "avatar costume" a hot product. Many suppliers of zentai have predicted that the avatar zentai is going to be the most acknowledged costume/suit in 2010 Halloween. So, zentai has become a welcomed fashion trend. Have you kept pace with it? Do you have your own zentai? Do you know where to get cheap yet quality zentai suits? If not, don't worry. We will give you instructions in this article. There are many zentai sellers online. But the ones who provide quality product, decent price and good services are far few. Luckily, I found one supplier recently and got exactly what I needed from them. So I'd like to introduce them to all my friends and hope you can have a pleasant online shopping experience like me. The zentai suit I purchased from them is Full Body Blue Female Avatar Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit. At first, they didn't have a female avatar zentai, so I asked the online support whether they can tailor-make one for me. Linda helped me on this and said certainly. Then I provided them with my detailed measurements and placed the order. Linda doubled confirmed the size with me to make sure that I didn't do anything wrong. That's very considerate of her. 2 days later after I placed the order, Linda emailed me a photo of my suit and ask whether it looks OK to me. The suit looks great in that photo and Linda also took a lot of picture on the detailing. Once I saw the photo, I fell in love with the suit. So I asked trusted deal to ship the suit to me as fast as possible. About 7 days later, I finally got the package and cannot wait to try it on. It fits perfectly. My shopping experience with Trustedeal.com is quite pleasant. And if you need a zentai suit, do not forget to check it with them. You will not regret.

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